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Why ServerTools?

ServerTools is the one solution for the majority of Minecraft Server Development. It is designed to be highly modular and we have configuration changes for a majority of your use cases!

By using this free plugin, you will speed up your workflow. This allows more time to focus on your core gamemode rather than fixing broken plugins and permissions for a simple task. We handle that for you.

Source Code & Download

Future Ideas

In the future, I would love to add the following features provided there is interest:

  • Crates (80% complete, no animations)

    • Vote.yml found in resources

    • The "crate" folder contains Break, Click, Main, CMD, Listener, and random weighting.

    • Needs debugging and better Java practice implementation

  • CombinedCooldownEvent (All food items)

  • Reflection in Main class instead of new Class(this)

  • Combat-Tag Logout inventory drop

  • Discord Bug Report (Incomplete)

    • /reportbug SomeTextHere Goes To Webhook

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