How to configure the Commands.Reclaim section of the config.yml

Many servers wish to offer a /reclaim option for ranked players to gain back previously bought keys and in gam items from the past purchase. You can do this with the reclaim section of the plugin

    Enabled: true
    BeginAtIndex: 6 # Display Output
      - 'bundle give %player% DragonReclaim 1'
      - 'bundle give %player% KingReclaim 1'  
      - 'bundle give %player% WizardReclaim 1'
      - 'bundle give %player% GoblinReclaim 1' 

Given YAML files use the "." key as permissions, it is not possible to use this within the configuration.

To combat this, change the period character to an underscore when placing your variables as the keys. This allows you to use default permissions which groups already have.

In the example above, all Dragon rank members would have the group.dragon permission. To use this with our reclaim, it becomes "group_dragon". ServerTools will correctly swap the underscore back to a period as needed.

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