ShopWorkAround in Config.yml

This works for a variety of Shop plugins however only shopguiplus was tested for its use.

The name of the shop plugin you use (Found in its plugin.yml) This will be used to hook into it during run time

Remapped Clicks

To remap the ShopGUI clicks to your own menu (deluxemenus, another plugin menu from command) do the following:

  • Name:

    • Specify the exact color code layout as in your ShopGUI config

  • CloseInvBeforeCommand:

    • Ensure the ShopGUI closes before the command is run

  • MakePlayerSayCommand:

    • Makes play send the message with your command.

    • This is sometimes required if the command does not click but DEBUG shows it has run

  • Command:

    • The command which will run upon clicking the specified item in the ShopGUI

  Enabled: false
  DEBUG: false
  plugin: "ShopGUIPlus"
  MenuNameInConfig: "shopMenuName"
  KeysofItemsInConfig: "shopMenuItems"
  NameOfItem: "" # ex. &2&lFarming
      name: "&c&lSpawners"
      CloseInvBeforeCommand: true
      MakePlayerSayCommand: true
      command: "spawnershop"


  • User opens /shop

  • User finds the spawner item named "&cSpawners"

  • User Clicks

    • ShopGUI closes

    • ServerTools runs command "/customspawnergui"

    • Player opens customSpawnerGui from another plugin without knowing it

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